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April 5: Prayers Remain Forever

Jeffrey Holmes Herald Emeritus Fanfare (MSR)
Patrick Schulz Fanfare for Trumpet and Organ, 2012 (MSR)
Anne Van Schothorst When we were trees (BR)
Martin Bresnick Ishi's Song, 2012 (Starkland)
Martin Bresnick Going HomeVysoke, My Jerusalem, 2010 (Starkland)
Martin Bresnick Prayers Remain Forever, 2011 (Starkland)

April 12: Classic FM Membership Drive

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April 19: Enchanted Gardens

Richard Danielpour Enchanted Garden, 2009 (MSR)
Jean-Francois Michel Suite pour brass, 1994 (MSR)
Chris Arrell Narcissus/echo (Navona)

April 26: 21st Century Music

Eric Nathan Wing over Wing, 2011 (Navona)
Marc Mellits Paranoid Cheese, 2001 (SNM)
Jonathan Pieslak Shard, 2008 (SNM)
"Doctuh" Mike Woods Libations, 2011 (SNM)
Douglas Cuomo Slowly she turns, 2010 (SNM)
Anne Van Schothorst Let Her Go (BR)

May 3: Moving On

Martin Bresnick A Message from the Emperor, 2010 (Starkland)
Anne Van Schothorst Raven's Departure (BR)
Tyler Ogilvie Zero Point; laugh; ber*serk*er (SNM)
Erich Stem Moving On, 2012 (NCD)

May 10: Child's Play

Adam Schoenberg Bounce, 2013 (FR)
James Matheson Cretic Variations (FR)
Nathan Daughtrey Coming Home, 2013 (Potenza)

May 17: Ethereal Waves

Diego Vega Divertimento, 2008 (NCU)
Adam Schoenberg Picture Etudes, 2013 (FR)
Stephen Barr Ethereal Wave, 2010 (Potenza)
Nathan Daughtrey Spitfire, 2013 (Potenza)

May 24: Dynamic Duos

Randall E. Faust Horn Call; Fantasy on "Von Himmel Hoch," 2001 (MSR)
Braam van Eeden Sonata (LP Classics)
Tom Flaherty Airdancing, 2013 (FR)

past broadcasts

March 29, 2015: Mercy Endures

Arne Nordheim Tenebrae/Concerto (ACD)
Malcolm Archer My Song is Love Unknown (MSR)
Claude Means Savior, like a Shepherd (MSR)
Justin Merritt Chaconne: Mercy Endures (MSR)
Harald Genzmer Sonate for Trumpet and Orgel (MSR)

March 22, 2015: Spring Songs

Christine Donkin Three Cummings Songs (Centaur)
Colin Mawby By the waters of Babylon (MSR)
Peter Hurford Litany to the Holy Spirit (MSR)
Christopher Theofanidis All Dreams begin with the Horizon, 2007 (MSR)
Jeffrey Holmes Continuum, 2012 (MSR)

March 15, 2015: Dramatic Music

Guo Wenjing Drama, 1995 (1, 5, 6) (SNM)
Andrew Smith Kyrie: Cunctipotens Genitor (BIS)
Richard Rodney Bennett A Colloquy with God (BIS)
Gabriel Jackson Ite Missa Est (BIS)
Jackson Hill Ma Fin est mon Commencement (BIS)
Pierre Jalbert Toccata, 2001 (MSR)
John Liberatore She rose & let me in, 2013 (SNM)
Alex Freeman Night on the Prairies (Navona)

March 8, 2015: Between Sunsets

Hilary Tann Between Sunsets (Centaur)
Jenni Brandon Spider Suite (Ceora)
Michael Torke Miami Grands (selections) (Ecstatic)
Zhou Long Pianogongs, 2005 (SNM)

March 1, 2015: Fantasies, Furies, and Trolls

Jocelyn Hagen love songs (Centaur )
Michael Torke Miami Grands (selections) (Ecstatic)
Sam Pellman Recursive Fury (SNM)
Dexter Morrill Fantasy, 2013 (SNM)

February 22, 2015: Fragments

Robert Muczynski Fragments (Ceora)
S. Revueltas Cinco Canciones Para Ninos (Ceora)
Jean F. Mailloux Dans la Tete de M. Sakamoto (MAM)
Michael Torke Miami Grands (selections) (Ecstatic)
A. Berne Self Referentials, II (selections) (Innova)

February 15, 2015: An American Story

Maria Newman The Complete Ballet: Emma McChesney, Traveling Saleswoman (Arts House)
Roland Szentpali Pearls (PM)

February 8, 2015: On The Nature of Things

R.X. Rodriguez De Rerum Natura, 2013 (Albany)
J. Pieslak bhakti (1), unburdening (Albany)
J. Cloud this is the garden: colors come & go (Centaur)
Jean Felix Mailloux Calliope, 2013 (MAM)

February 1, 2015: American Atmospheres

J. Pieslak American Atmospheres (Albany)
Regina Baiocchi e.e. cummings Songbook (Centaur)
Persis Parshall Vehar The Four Directions (Composer)

January 25, 2015: Dramatic Music, Part II

Maria Newman Sonata for piano, "A Maskil of David" (Arts House)
Per Norgard Momentum/Cello Concerto No 2 (ACD)
Jonathan Pieslak Prednisomnia (Albany)

January 18, 2015: All-American Music

William Averitt Afro-American Fragments (MSR)
Kenneth Fuchs String Quartet No. 5 (American) (Naxos)
Tadeusz Kasdatti By Gaslight (PM)

January 11, 2015: Dramatic Music

Eric Nathan Spires (Mirari)
Peter Van Zandt Lane Hackpolitick: the donning of masks (Innova)
Jonathan Pieslak Shard (Albany)

January 4, 2015: Visionary Music

Haskell Small Visions of Childhood, 2011 (MSR)
Kenneth Fuchs Falling Trio (Naxos)
Zhou Tian Night-Shining White, 2014 (Composer)
Zhou Tian Red Trees, Wrinkled Cliffs, 2012 (Composer)
Libby Larsen Song (Centaur)

December 28, 2014: New Moons & Freebirds

arr. Thomas Bough Believe me if all (Summit)
Dan Locklair Break Away! (MSR)
S. McAllister Freebirds, after Lynyrd Skynyrd (Summit)
Kenneth Fuchs American Rhapsody (Naxos)
William Averitt Deepness of the Blue, 2012 (MSR)

December 21, 2014: Dream Keepers

Dan Locklair Three Christmas Motets, 1993 (MSR)
Kenneth Fuchs Concerto Grosso (Naxos)
William Averitt The Dream Keeper, 2009 (MSR)

December 14, 2014: Divinum Mysterium

Dan Locklair Holy Canticles, 1996 (MSR)
Kazimierz Machala Intuitions, 1995 (MSR)
Kenneth Fuchs Divinum Mysterium (Naxos)

December 7, 2014: Symbols & Abstractions

Dan Locklair Brief Mass, 1993 (MSR)
L. Balada Abstractions of Albeniz, 2010 (Naxos)
Alex Ganes Systems, 2014 (SNM Rising Stars performance)
John Williams Theme from Schindler's List (SNM Rising Stars performance)
Emmanuel Sikora Violin Sonata in 1 movement and Impressions of a Beautiful Night on Long Island, 2014 (SNM Rising Stars performance)
Beth Anderson Kummi Dance, 2011 (MSR)

November 30, 2014: Departures & Arrivals

Oswald Russell Three Jamaican Dances (MSR)
Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson Scherzo (MSR)
Elliot Sneider City Colors/City Lights, 2014 (SNM Cazenovia Counterpoint performance )
John Mackey Breakdown Tango (Summit)
Gregory Wanamaker Duo Sonata, 2002 (Summit)

November 23, 2014: Windswept

Dan Locklair Windswept, 1992 (MSR)
E. Morales-Caso La Fragua de Vulcano (Naxos)
Christopher Cresswell the memory evokes, forget what time, 2004 (SNM Rising Stars performance)
Michael Boyman Anger Management (SNM Cazenovia Counterpoint performance)

November 16, 2014: Fantastical Journeys

Lawrence Dillon Appendage, 1993 (Albany)
Eric Ewazen Myths & Legends, 2005 (MSR)

November 9, 2014: Honoring . . .

Carman Moore Righteous Heroes (Performance)
Ellen Zwilich Lament, 2000 (SNM Rising Stars performance)
Marco Giusto Conversion & Material, 2014 (SNM Rising Stars performance)
Richard Hundley Waterbird (Rising Stars)
Mark Schultz Ashfall, 1995 (Summit)

November 2, 2014: Journeys

Octavio Vazquex Suite: Nostos, 2009 (Naxos)
David Del Puerto Viento de Primavera (Naxos)
Lawrence Dillon Still Point, 2007 (Albany)
Joshua Uzoigwe Talking Drums (MSR)
Margaret Bonds Troubled Water (MSR)

October 26, 2014: Meditative Music

James Primosch Four Sacred Songs, 1990 (Bridge)
Dan Locklair Tapestries, 1982 (MSR)
Jerome Kitzke The Paha Sapa Give-Back (Innova)
Salvador Brotons Dues Noves Suggestions, 2011 (Naxos)
Carlos Cruz de Castro Secuencia Sefardita, 2010 (Naxos)

October 19, 2014: Luminous Shadows

James Primosch Dark the Star, 2008 (Bridge)
Judith Shatin Glyph, 1984 (Innova)
Ping Jin Simhavaktra Dakini, 2014 (Composer)

October 12, 2014: Membership Drive

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October 5, 2014: Motion/Emotion/Commotion

Lawrence Dillon Violin Sonata "Motion," 2008 (Naxos)
James Grant Sextet for Bass Clarinet and Strings, 2009 (Potenza)
Dan Locklair Changing Perceptions, 1987 (MSR)

September 28, 2014: Flights

Lawrence Dillon String Quartet No. 2: Flight (Bridge)
Judith Shatin Elijah's Chariot (Innova)
Dan Locklair For Amber Waves, 1994 (MSR)

September 21, 2014: High Autumn

Dan Becker A Dream of Waking, 2003 (Innova)
Yehudi Wyner 2nd Madrigal: Voices of Women (Bridge)
Timothy Brown Suite Espanola, 1999 (Centaur)
James Grant High Autumn (Potenza)

September 14, 2014: The Infinite Sphere

Stefania de Kenessey Sponteaneous D-Combustion, 2012 (Innova)
Lawrence Dillon String Quartet No. 4: Infinite Sphere (Bridge)
Kent Holliday Dances from Colca Canyon (Centaur)
Stephen Dodgson Tambourin (Centaur)

September 7, 2014: Love and Light

Earl George Songs of Innocence (SNM/SVE performance)
Morten Lauridsen Lux Aeterna (SNM/SVE performance)
Dan Becker Fade, 2003 (Innova)

August 31, 2014: Valentines & Graffiti

Earl George Valentines & Graffiti (SNM/SVE performance)
Lawrence Dillon String Quartet No. 3: Air (Bridge )
Sally Mosher Bossa Nova, 1997 (Centaur)

August 24, 2014: Holy the Firm

Judith Shatin Chai Variations on Eliahu HaNavi, 199 (Innova)
James Primosch Holy the Firm, 2000 (Bridge)
Lawrence Dillon Bacchus Chaconne, 1991 (Naxos)

August 17, 2014: What Happened?

Jennifer Higdon Secret and Glass Gardens, 2000 (Innova)
Jing Jing Luo Mosquito, 1991 (Innova)
James Primosch From a Book of Hours, 2001/2006 (Bridge)
Lawrence Dillon What Happened (Bridge)

August 10, 2014: Indigenous Roots

Mason Bates Stereo is King; Difficult Bamboo (Innova)
Vivien Fung Keeping Time, 2011 (Kajar) (Innova)
Dan Becker Keeping Time, 2008 (Innova)

August 3, 2014: Musical Portraits

Robert Xavier Rodriguez Caprichos, 2012 (Goya) (Albany)
Arthur Levering Il Mare Dentro (the sea within), 2008 (New World)
Mason Bates String Band (Innova)
Dan Becker Gridlock, 1994 (Innova)

July 27, 2014: Songs Without Words

Jacob Greenberg Lied ohne Worte nach Rilke, 2009 (New Focus)
David Lang Unchained Melody (New Focus)
Nathan Davis A Tale Begun (New Focus)
Suzanne Farrin Time is a Cage (New Focus)
Robert Xavier Rodriguez Seven Deadly Sequences, 1990 (Albany)
Arthur Levering Furies, 2006 (New World)
Dan Becker Keep Time, 2008 (Innova)

July 20, 2014: Love Sonnets

Vineet Shende Sonetos de Amor, 2003 (Neruda) (New Focus)
Edward Ruchalski First Light, 1999 (Composer performance)
Robert Xavier Rodriguez Hot Buttered Rumba, 1992 (Albany)
Arthur Levering Drinking Songs, 2005 (New World)
Mason Bates White Lies for Lomax (Innova)

July 13, 2014: Architecture in Time

Peter Gilbert Passages I, II, III, IV, V (New Focus)
Orianna Webb Sustenance Variations, 2004 (New Focus)
Adam B. Silverman Three Fell Swoops, 2004 (New Focus)
John Link For Irving Lippel, 2004 (New Focus)
Seung-Ah Oh So-Ri I, 2001 (New Focus)

July 6, 2014: Semi-Suite Music

Edward Ruchalski Bell Song, 2014; Morning Prayers, 2008 (Composer performance)
Philip White and Ted Hearne R WE WHO R WE (FCR)
Robert Xavier Rodriguez Semi-Suite, 1980 (Albany)
Arthur Levering Parallel Universe, 2004 (New World)
Mason Bates Terrycloth Troposphere (Innova)

June 29, 2014: Just the Basics

Steve Ferre Paradiso, 2013 (SNM)
Marc Mellits Gravity, 2013 (SNM)
New Focus Franco Donatoni (Hot)
Nathan Douds AB Coda (Hot)

June 22, 2014: The NOW Generation

Andy Akiho Orange; LigNEous (SNM)
Juan Pablo Contreras Silencio en Juarez (SNM)
Marcos Balter Strohbass (New Focus)

June 15, 2014: After Long Silence ...

Chris Campbell Water Mirror; Water Variations (Innova)
Robert Honstein Patter (SNM)
Nathan Douds After Long Silence (New Focus)
Edward Ruchalski Berthas Garden, 2005; Kindred Spirits, 2013 (Composer)
Joseph Klein Die Tischtuchtolle (Innova)

June 8, 2014: Personal Music

Chris Campbell Form = Emptiness; Things You Already Know; Emptiness  Form (Innova)
Caroline Shaw Courante (New Amsterdam)
Merrill Garbus Quizassa; Ansa Ya (New Amsterdam)
Maria Schneider Winter Morning Walks (ArtistShare)
Andy Akiho Purple (SNM)

June 1, 2014: Soundscapes

Frederic Rzewski Piano Piece No. 4 (Inflorescence)
John Link Around the Bend, 2006 (New Focus)
Larry Kucharz Engraving No. 1, 2006 (IA)
Peter Gilbert Meditation, 2001 (New Focus)
Chris Campbell Torso of a Bodhisattva (Innova)
Judd Greenstein Montmartre (New Amsterdam)
Caleb Burhans NO (New Amsterdam)

May 25, 2014: Spectacular Vernaculars

Mark Olivieri Spectacular Vernaculars (New Focus)
David Rakowski Hotfingers (New Focus)
Gyorgy Kurtag Doina & The Carenza Jig & Tre Pezzi, Op. 14e (Cedille)
Nico Muhly Flexible Music, 2002 (New Focus)
William Brittelle Amid the Minotaurs (New Amsterdam)
Judd Greenstein Run Away (New Amsterdam)

May 18, 2014: Bits & Pieces, Part II

David Heuser Thin Green Traces, 2006 (Composer)
Frederic Rzewski Spot (Albany)
David Maslanka Beloved (New Focus)
Ben Hjertmann On the Drawing of Constellations  (New Focus)

May 11, 2014: The Breath of Life

David Heuser Small Blue Marble, 2004 (Composer)
Larry Kucharz Engravings 1 and 4  (Composer)
Judd Greenstein AEIOU (New Amsterdam)
Rinde Eckert Cesca's View (New Amsterdam)
Caroline Shaw Sarabande (New Amsterdam)
Maria Schneider Spring, the Sky Rippled with Geese & How Important it must be  (ArtistShare)

May 4, 2014: Purchase of Manhattan

Brent Michael Davids Purchase of Manhattan, 2012 (SNM)
Michael Mauldin Three Jemez Landscapes (ERM)

April 27, 2014: Bits & Pieces

Rob Paterson Batter's Box (AMR)
Jiri Gemrot Bucolica (CRO)
David Heuser (Another) Three Movements for Saxophone Quartet, 2008 (Composer)

April 20, 2014: Chorales & Lamentations

Michael McLean Suite for Viola and Orchestra, 2008 (Delos)
Maria Newman Chorales for Brass and Percussion, 2002 (ArtsHouse)
Frank LaRocca Cantate Domino (ERM)
Zdenek Lukas String Quartet, No. 5 (CRO)
Daniel Kelley Passage (Phoenix)

April 13, 2014: Listen! Spring!

Ludovico Einaudi Ascolta, Primavera, Eden Roc (Ponderosa)
Karel Husa String Quartet, op. 2 (CRO)
Kenneth Benshoof Timeless (Phoenix)

April 6, 2014: Classic FM Membership Drive

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