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April 27: Bits & Pieces

Rob Paterson Batter's Box (AMR)
Jiri Gemrot Bucolica (CRO)
David Heuser (Another) Three Movements for Saxophone Quartet, 2008 (Composer)

May 4: Purchase of Manhattan

Brent Michael Davids Purchase of Manhattan, 2012 (SNM)
Michael Mauldin Three Jemez Landscapes (ERM)

past broadcasts

April 20, 2014: Chorales & Lamentations

Michael McLean Suite for Viola and Orchestra, 2008 (Delos)
Maria Newman Chorales for Brass and Percussion, 2002 (ArtsHouse)
Frank LaRocca Cantate Domino (ERM)
Zdenek Lukas String Quartet, No. 5 (CRO)
Daniel Kelley Passage (Phoenix)

April 13, 2014: Listen! Spring!

Ludovico Einaudi Ascolta, Primavera, Eden Roc (Ponderosa)
Karel Husa String Quartet, op. 2 (CRO)
Kenneth Benshoof Timeless (Phoenix)

April 6, 2014: Classic FM Membership Drive

Call in with your membership, renewal or upgrade! Call 315-451-9269, or pledge online at and specify Fresh Ink.

March 30, 2014: Musical Digs

Neil Rolnick Gardening at Gropius House, 2012 (Innova)
Jorge Villavicencio Grossmann Whistling Vessels (premiere), 2013 (SNM)

March 23, 2014: Interplay

David Gillingham Interplay (MMC)
Alan Heard Symphonic Etude No. 3, 1996 (VMM)
Anthony Plog Sonata for Tuba and Piano, 2007 (Potenza)
Chin Cheng Lin Vanilla Cream (Centaur)
Chin Cheng Lin Pray for a Wish (Centaur)
Dumitru Lonel Fantezie Nocturna (Potenza)

March 16, 2014: Dialects

Gerry Murphy Dialects, 1994 (VMM)
Zhou Tian Poems from the Song Dynasty, 2011 (PCD)
Vinicio Meza Retratos, 2002 (Potenza)
Lyle Chan Passage, 2010, and Calcium Light Night (Phoenix)
Michael Daugherty The High and the Mighty (Phoenix)
Persis Parshall Vehar Dona Nobis Pacem (U. N. Texas)

March 9, 2014: Elixirs

Marshall Ocker Elysium, 1995 (VMM)
Zhou Tian Poems from the Song Dynasty, 2011 (PCD)
Stephen Oberheu Clear Lake, 201l (Potenza)
Rob Paterson Eating Variations (AMR)
David Wolfson Time and Tide (Suzanne Muelleer)

March 2, 2014: Winter Songs

Rob Paterson Winter Songs, 2008 (AMR)
Maria Newman Concerto for cello and string orchestra, 2002 (ArtsHouse)
Martin Kennedy Desplazamiento (Phoenix)
Patrick Long December Canticle, 2001 (Composer)

February 23, 2014: Distant Voices

Paul Richards Snake in the Garden (MMC)
Zhou Tian Poems from the Song Dynasty, 2011 (PCD)
Chin Cheng Lin The Ocean (Centaur)
Sy Brandon Time Travel Phantasie (Emeritus)
David Biedenbender Still (Emeritus)

February 16, 2014: Soundscapes

Max Lifchitz Rhythmic Soundscapes No. 6, 2012 (North/South)
Carter Pann Rags to Richard, 1998 (MMC)
Kevin Walczyk Capriccio, 1994 (MMC)
Zhou Tian Poems from the Song Dynasty (PCD)
Van-Anh Vanessa Vo Green River Delta (Innova)

February 9, 2014: The Composer Performs

Ricky Ian Gordon Quiet Lives (GPR)
Lowell Liebermann Night Songs (GPR)
Jake Heggie Grow Old Along with Me! (GPR)
Max Lifchitz Mosaico Latinoamericano, 1991 (North/South)
Van-Anh Vanessa Vo The Legend (Innova )
George Rochberg Songs in Praise of Krishna (selections) (CRI)

February 2, 2014: In Search of ...

Chan Ka Nin In search of ..., 2004 (Shrinking Plane)
Erik Mandat Music for Clarinets, 1994 (Potenza)
Max Lifchitz Canto e Paz, 1983 (North/South)
Van-Anh Vanessa Vo Mourning (Innova)

January 26, 2014: Musical Portraits

Jake Heggie In the Beginning (Of Gods & Cats) (GPR)
Glen Roben Ozymandias, The Expulsion from Eden, Like a Beacon, Composed upon Westminster Bridge (GPR)
Björn Alterhaug Sporadisk Konsentrasjon til fem bilder an Ove Stokstad (VMM)
Eberhard Böttcher To satser for blsekvintett (VMM)
Jorge Sosa Still Life (Naturaleza Muerta) (Centaur)
Van-Anh Vanesse Vo Go Hunting (Innova)

January 19, 2014: Four-Square

Jeremy Beck String Quartet No. 4, 2000 (Innova)
Max Lifchitz Dos Danzas, 2006 Tango Lejano & Danza Rebelde (North/South)
William Albright La follia nuova: A lament for George Cacioppo (Emeritus)
Rob Paterson CAPTCHA, 2013 (AMR)

January 12, 2014: Homages

Laura Schwendinger Nonet, 2003 (Centaur)
Jeremy Beck String Quartet No. 2, "Fathers & Sons" (Innova)
Cynthia Folio Seven Aphorisms, 2001 (North/South)
Lera Auerbach The Prayer (Centaur)

January 5, 2014: High Wire Acts (Big Top)

Laura Schwendinger High Wire Act, 2005 (Centaur)
Max Lifchitz Vignettes, 2005 (North/South)
Alice Ping Yee Ho Garage, 2005 (Shrinking Planet)
Steve Reich Vermont Counterpoint (NewFocus)
Max Lifchitz Non Rumor di Tamburi (No Roll of Drums) (North/South)

December 29, 2013: Ring in the New

James Chaudoir Three Movements, 1992 (Capstone)
Gerardo Matos Rodriguez La Cumparsita (CMG)
arr. David Gordon Balken Trilogy (CMG)
Vlodek Pawlik Quarrel of the Roman Merchants (Randy Brecker) (Summit)
Eric Ewazen A Duet for Our Time (Summit)

December 22, 2013: December Canticle

Michael Mauldin Three Jemez Landscapes: Fantasy on a Huron Carol (ERM)
Frank LaRocca Cantate Domino (ERM)
Patrick Long December Canticle, 2001 (Composer)
Ludovico Einaudi Svanire, 2009 (Ponderosa)
Persis Parshall Vehar Dona Nobis Pacem (Univ. North Texas)
James David Garden of the Gods (Summit)
David Lang Selection from The Little Match Girl Passion (Harmonia Mundi)

December 15, 2013: A Beautiful Noise

William Brooks Vale, dulcis amice from 6 Medieval Lyrics, 2010 (Innova)
Paul Fowler Potter's Clay, 2007, and Echoes, 2010 (Innova)
David Lang I want to live, 2005 (Innova)
John Frith A Beautiful Noise (Summit)
Elliott Schwartz Rainbow, 1996 (VMM)
Dinos Constantinides Concerto for Saxophone Quartet and Chamber Orchestra, 2001 (Centaur)

December 8, 2013: The Philadelphia Story

David Finko Concerto for Viola and Orchestra, 1971 (Centaur)
David Finko Concerto for Piccolo and Orchestra, 2006 (Centaur)
George Crumb The Advent, Hymn for the Nativity of the Star-Child, Music of the Starry Night (Indiana State)
David Lang Selection from The Little Match Girl Passion (Harmonia Mundi)

December 1, 2013: Winter Nocturnes

Patrick Long Winter Nocturnes, 2012 (Composer)
Dinos Constantinides Four Interludes, 1995 (Centaur)
Ned Rorem Bright Music, 1987 (KUHR-FM)
Frank Campo Variations on a Theme of Paganini (Centaur)

November 24, 2013: Frontier Figures

Virgil Thomson Acadian Songs and Dances from Louisiana Story, 1948
Virgil Thomson Fugues and Cantilenas from Power Among Men
Barry Schrader The Barnum Museum (Innova)

November 17, 2013: Grooves and Oscillations

Marc Mellits String Quartet No. 2 (SNM)
Andy Akiho Oscillate, 2012 (Composer)
Dexter Morrill Fantasy, 2005 (Composer/N. TX)
Libby Larsen Mephisto Rag, 2000 (fpMusic)

November 10, 2013: Time Codes

Amy Williams Cineshape 2, 2007 (Albany)
Liduino Pitombeira Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 4, Op. 98, 2005 (Centaur)
David Finko Moses: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, 1971 (Centaur)

November 3, 2013: Erthe & Air

Hilary Tann Of Erthe & Air (AZ)
Amy Williams Richter Textures, 2011 (Albany)
Amy Williams Falling, 2012 (Albany)
Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen Statements (Innova)
David Lang I live in pain, 2011 (Innova)

October 27, 2013: Fire & Water

Jennifer Higdon On the Death of the Righteous (Innova)
James Primosch Fire-Memory/River-Memory (Innova)
antti samuli hernesniemi Man playing on the shore (Composer)
antti samuli hernesniemi Ascending form (Composer)
Amy Williams Brigid's Flame, 2009 (Albany)

October 20, 2013: Dancing Solo (more or less)

Libby Larsen Dancing Solo (fpMusic)
Patrick Long Scenes from A Dybbuk, 2006 (Composer)
Ken Field Music for Dance: Double Expose (Innova)
Sam Peters Chanson, 2013 (SNM)
Gaspar Cassado Requiebros, 1950 (SNM)

October 13, 2013: Then & Now

George Gershwin, arr. by James Cohn Three Preludes, 1926 No. 1 (SNM)
Paul Winchester Dialogue for clarinet and piano, 2013 (SNM)
Emmanuel J. Sikora Summer for Thee, 2008 (SNM)
Emmanuel J. Sikora Lullaby for Robin (Vocalise), 2012 (SNM)
Richard Hundley Awake The Sleeping Sun (SNM)
Virgil Thomson Suite from Louisiana Story (SNM)
Charles Fussell Right River (Albany)

October 6, 2013: Membership Drive

Famous guests and autographed CDs for those calling in with their pledge

September 29, 2013: Love Songs, Lullabies, and Dancing

Reza Vali Folk Songs, Set No. 14 (BMOP)
Dorothy Hindman Drift (Innova)
Gao Hong Guangxi Impression (Innova)
Jonathan Russell You are here, 2012 (SNM)
Dinos Constantinides Lazy Jack & His Fiddle, 2001 (Centaur)

September 22, 2013: The Folk Connection

Reza Vali Folk Songs, Set No. 8 (BMOP)
Daniel Bernard Roumain Ghetto Strings (Innova)
Jason Vieux Images of Metheny The Bat (Azica)

September 15, 2013: Musical Landscapes

Reza Vali Toward that endless plain: Concerto for Persian Ney and Orchestra, 2003 (BMOP)
Hilary Tann Shakkei (AZ)
Ken Field Taxonomy (Innova)
Dorothy Hindman Magic City (Innova)

September 8, 2013: It Had to Be

Michael Kallstrom It had to be (Centaur)
Derek Healey Salish Song & Inuit Hunting Song (ATMA)
Rodney Sharman Love (from Love, Beauty, Desire), 2002 (ATMA)
Mark Harvey Big Oil Tango, 2007 (Aardvark)
Libby Larsen Songs from Letters: Calamity Jane to her daughter (fpMusic)

September 1, 2013: Fall into Light

Robert Carl Braided Bagatelles, 2002 (Innova)
Imant Raminsh Ave Verum Corpus (ATMA)
R. Murray Schafer Three Hymns, 2002 (ATMA)
Rupert Lang Earth Teach Me, 2006 (ATMA)
Libby Larsen Song without words (fpMusic)

August 25, 2013: Reflections

Andrew Rindfleisch (arr.) Four Vintage Songs (Innova)
Andrew Rindfleisch (arr.) In the Zone, 2009 for brass quintet (Innova)
Arni Egilsson Reflections (Cambria)
Arni Egilsson The Breeze (Cambria)

August 18, 2013: Coastal Music

Emma Lou Diemer Santa Barbara Overture (Navona)
Emma Lou Diemer Concerto in One Movement for Marimba (Navona)
Nicholas Anthony Ascioti Sacred Victim (Composer)
Nicholas Anthony Ascioti Adirondack Meditation (Composer)

August 11, 2013: CNY Connected

Jorge Villavicencio Grossmann Anemoi, 2012 (Composer)
Dexter Morrill Crosswalk (Composer)
Stephen Newby Prayer Song (Origin)
Andrew Rindfleisch Four Fanfares for two trumpets, 2011 (Innova)

August 4, 2013: Hidden Frescos

Maurer Rodenkirchen Nibbio, Calindra, and Craquelé (Nemu)
Roupen Shakarian Eventide (Origin)
Dexter Morrill Innsbruck Variations, 2006 & Six Songs, 2003 (N. TX)

July 28, 2013: A Prisoner's Legacy, Part II

Olli Kortekangas Messenius & Lucia Act II, 2005 (Ondine)

July 21, 2013: A Prisoner's Legacy, Part I

Olli Kortekangas Messenius & Lucia Act I, 2005 (Ondine)

July 14, 2013: Contemporary Allusions

Elena Ruehr String Quartet No. 3, 2001 (Cypress)
Daniel Barry Selections from Music of the Spheres, 2009 (OC)

July 7, 2013: Musical Crossroads

Paul Carlon Entre dongan y arden (OA2)
David Ambrosio Afrekete Blue (OA2)
Jonathan Sacks Portals (MMC)
David Sampson Chicago Moves, 2011 (Cedille)

June 30, 2013: Storied Musics

Paul Carlon You're so rare (DeepTone)
Paul Carlon Clave Heart (OA2)
Rob Deemer Brass, 2011 (Cedille)
Elena Ruehr String Quartet No. 1, 1991 (Cypress)
A Walk in the Rain Wayne Horvitz (SGL)

June 23, 2013: Birds and Beasts

Doug Lofstrom The Plumed Serpent (Origin)
Steve Heitzeg The Last Roundup (Rachel Carson); Rattle the Cage/Bend the Bars (Innova)
Josef Peter Heinzer Klaviertrio, No. 3, 1994 (Swiss Pan)

June 16, 2013: Call and Response

Elena Ruehr String Quartet No. 4, 2005 (Cypress)
Wayne Horvitz Fond Farewell; One Dance Alone (SGL)
David Gordon Greenland (CMG)
Roberto Sierra Cinco Bocetos (Centaur)

June 9, 2013: Under Duress

Stephen Ferre From Her Husband's Hand (Composer)
Robert Reno Simple Motives in Minor Modes (MMC)
Adam Summerhayes Under Duress Suite (CMG)
Wayne Horvitz Waltz from Woman of Tokyo (SGL)

June 2, 2013: Post-Modern Music

Sunny Knable Trio (Centaur)
Tony Schemmer A Toney Tango, 1990 (SpiceRack)
Kurt Rohde Four ReMixes, 2011 (Innova)
Steve Heitzeg Is Everybody Else Alright? (Innova)
Anthony Suter a hymn to forgotten moons, 2005 (Centaur)

May 26, 2013: From Sea to Shining Sea

Sy Brandon American Vignettes (Emeritus)
William Duckworth Polking Around (Starkland)
Guy Klucevsek Some of that "Old Time Soul" Polka (Starkland)
Carl Stone Fuddle The Shux (Starkland)
Paul Carlon Midnight Creepin' (DeepTone)
Anthony Suter Chants and hymns of voices ephemeral (Centaur)
Christopher Tin Caoineadh, Hymn Do Trójcy Zwietej; Dao zai fan ye 2009 (from Calling all Dawns) (TW)

May 19, 2013: Celebratory Music

Peter Garland The Club Nada Polka (Starkland)
Bobby Previte The Nova Scotia Polka (Starkland)
Joseph Kasinskas Peek-A-Boo Polka (Starkland)
Aaron Jay Kernis Phantom Polka (Starkland)
Carlos Sanchez-Guterrez Son del Corazon, 2012 (Urtext)
Russell Peterson Concerto, 2009 (Centaur)

May 12, 2013: "an age will come"

Joseph Bertolozzi "an age will come" (BWP)
Edward Ruchalski Bell Song, 2012 (Composer)
Curt Cacioppo Concerto, 2000 (Capstone)

May 5, 2013: Music Inspired by . . .

Stephen Ferre Passacaglia (from Symphony No. 2) (Composer)
Eric Guinivan Sword Dance (Sono Luminus)
Joseph Pereira Volume (from Repoussé) (Sono Luminus)
Yoav Talmi Elegy, 1997 (Dachau) (Centaur)
Violeta Dinescu Circuit, 2003 (Gutingi)
David Loeb The Meeting of Sea and Clouds (VMM)

April 28, 2013: Concerted Efforts

Andy Waggoner Guitar Concerto, 2012 (SNM)
Gyorgy Ligeti Hungarian Rock, Chaconne, 1978 (SNM)
Stephen Ferre Inferno (Composer)
Kurt Rohde Concertino, 2010 (Innova)
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