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Vision of Sound
Sunday, February 21, 4:00 PM
Carrier Theater, Civic Center, Syracuse
Tickets: $15 regular, $12 seniors/students; $30 family

New music for dance performed by dancers and musicians from along the Erie Canal cultural corridor.

Music by Peter Allen, Michael Burritt, Ryan Carter, Diane Jones, Marc Mellits, and Mark Olivieri, collaborating with Upstate NY's finest choreographers: Stephanie Datellas, Michelle Ikle, Alaina Olivieri, Heather Roffe, and Cheryl Wilkins-Mitchell.

past concerts

The Now Generation
Sunday, January 31, 2:30 PM
May Memorial Unitarian Society, 3800 E. Genesee St., Syracuse
Tickets: $15 regular, $12 seniors/students; $30 family

Rob T. Smith Three Songs for the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), revision 2015, for baritone, clarinet, violin, and cello
Alex Burtzos The Outlaw in the Gilded Age, 2012, for for violin, clarinet, horn, baritone sax, and piano
Jennifer Higdon Piano Trio, 2003, "Pale Yellow"
Bun-Ching Lam Ein Alter Tibetteppich for baritone and piano
Bun-Ching Lam Age d'Or, 2011, for baritone and horn
Steve Ferre Remembering the Night Sky, 2004, revised 2015, for violin, cello, piano, clarinet, alto sax
James Primosch Dancepiece, 2005, for alto sax, cello, piano, and percussion

Performers include Julie Bridge, horn; Rob Bridge, percussion; John Friedrichs, clarinet; Diana Hunger, saxophone; Blagomira Lipari, violin; Sar Shalom Strong, piano; Steven Stull, baritone; and Jennifer Vaughn, cello.

Networked Arts
Sunday, November 8, 7:30 PM
Hergenhahn Auditorium, Newhouse III, Syracuse University, Syracuse
Tickets: S.U. students & faculty free with valid I.D.; $15 regular, $12 seniors/students; $30 family

This international "linked live in real time" program is the first of its kind in Upstate New York. Music in Syracuse will be accompanied by dance at Cornell and poetry and Chinese painting in Beijing, while an erhu performance in Beijing will interact with sound-reactive visuals by Lorne Covington in Syracuse. All three venues will see and hear all performances on big screens alongside the live performers in their particular hall.

Guest Neil Rolnick, former head of RPI computer music, director of the iEAR Studios and a pioneer in the use of computers in performance, will be on hand in Syracuse to join the ensemble in performances of two of his works, Faith and Fiddle Faddle, written in 2009 and 2003 respectively. Rolnicks approximately 25-minute Faith will be accompanied by Chinese painting in Beijing by renowned impressionist painter Tang Li responding in real-time to the music.

Syracuse composer Ping Jin will be in Beijing, where he teaches at the Beijing Conservatory, to see and hear a Syracuse performance of his 2012 Three Folksongs from the Blue Lake, a 3-movement clarinet trio making use of folk tunes from the Blue Lake region in Qinghai Province, China.

Ithaca composer Kevin Ernste will be at Cornell University's Lincoln Hall with dancer Alaina Olivieri who will dance to Ernste's 2010 Long Path, choreographed by Eran Hanlon and performed by pianist Rob Auler in Syracuse. The Chinese poem which inspired the work will be read in Beijing, also coordinated with the music in Syracuse.

Lorne Covington's sound-reactive visuals in Syracuse will respond to an erhu solo by Grammy winner Tan Dun performed in Beijing by Yan Yan.

The outstanding regional performers are Blagomira Lipari, Rob Auler, John Friedrichs, plus guest ensemble Eastman Broadband, which will perform Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon's 2015 Sones de tierra fria (four settings of texts by Shakespeare and Raul Aceves, and two settings of Shakespeare sonnets--all texts about love).

The Mark of Zorro! Silent Film with New Music
Thursday, October 15, 7:00 PM
Palace Theater, Eastwood, 2384 James St., Syracuse
Tickets: Available as part of an SNM season subscription, at the door, or at

The Mark of Zorro!, a 1920 genre-defining swashbuckler adventure produced by Douglas Fairbanks for Douglas Fairbanks Pictures Inc., was the first film released through United Artists in which Fairbanks' partners were Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, and D.W. Griffith.

The film will be screened with the premiere of a score by Mark Olivieri, performed by Kelly Covert, flute; John Friedrichs, clarinet; Blagomira Lipari, violin; Gregory Wood, cello; Darryl Pugh, double bass; and Rob Bridge, percussion; conducted by Travis Newton.

Presented in conjunction with the Syracuse International Film Festival and LeMoyne College.

Big Sky Remix
Sunday, September 27, 2:30 PM
Hosmer Auditorium, Everson Museum, Syracuse
Tickets: $15 regular, $12 seniors/students, $30 family, free for ages 12 and under

Paul Leary Perfume, 2013, for piano and electronics
Mason Bates (b. 1977) The Life of Birds, 2008, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello
Scott Etan Feiner (b. 1997) Toccatas and Interludes for prepared piano 4 hands (2015 New York Federation of Music Clubs Brian Israel Prize-winner)
Joan Tower (b. 1938) Big Sky, 2000, for piano trio
Bright Sheng (b. 1955) Hot Pepper, 2010, for violin & marimba
Diego Vega (b. 1970) Divertimento, 2008, for clarinet, violin, cello, piano

Performed by Kelly Covert, flute; John Friedrichs, clarinet; Blagomira Lipari, violin; Gregory Wood, cello; Rob Auler, Daniel Pesca, and Wei-Han Wu, piano; Rob Bridge, percussion.

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