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May 28: To Speak to Our Time

Shulamit Ran Spirit (Cedille)
Samuel Adler To Speak to Our Time, Interlude II, 2018; Psalm 111, 2018; How Sweet the Sound (GDCD)
Carlos Surinach The Owl & the Pussycat, 1978 (BMOP)
Jacob TV Loudly & Clearly, 2022

past broadcasts

May 21, 2023: Rhythms and Rituals

William Susman Quiet Rhythms: Prologue & Action No. 9, 2010 (Belarca)
Francesco Di Fiore Miniature, 2011 (Discovery) (Belarca)
Jonathan Beard Ritual (4Tay)
Anna Thorvaldsdottir Catamorphosis, 2020
Missy Mizzoli Sinfonia, 2016

May 14, 2023: Women's Work

Johanna Keller The Foley Guy, a romance
Teresa Reilly The Forgiveness Train ( Cedille)
Samuel Adler Let Us Rejoice (GDCD)
Jacob TV Pale Moon in a Very Blue Sky, 2020

May 7, 2023: Shifting Sands

Marc Harris Symphony No. 1 (Movement III) (MHCD)
Gilbert Galindo Spunk (Neuma)
Gilbert Galindo Imagined Passions (Neuma)
Gilbert Galindo Echoes of the Divine (Neuma)

April 30, 2023: Pandemic Music

Lei Liang Garden Eight (Furious Artisans)
Roberto Sierra Trio, 2021 (Ibs)
Roberto Sierra Piano Sonata No. 1, 2020 (Ibs)

April 23, 2023: Lost and Found

Robert Honstein Lost and Found (New Focus)
Brian Field By and By, 2021; Let the Light Shine on Me, 2019 (Navona)
Samuel Adler "Gloriae Dei Cantores" from A Hymn of Praise, 2013 (GDCD)
Roberto Sierra Piezas Intimas, 2017 (Ibs)

April 16, 2023: Pilgrimage and Possibilities

Robert Honstein An Index of Possibility (New Focus)
Jennifer Bellor A Grey Dream, 2023
Jean-Baptiste Mueller Aleations, 2022 (JBM)

April 9, 2023: Suites and Nocturnes

Daron Hagen Suite for Piano, 2009 (MSR)
Daron Hagen Five Nocturnes, 2012 (MSR)
Ken Steen Attempting to Conjure Joy (Neuma)
Paul Richards Hairpin Turn (Neuma)

April 2, 2023: Breath of the World

John Luther Adams Sila: The breath of the world, 2013 (Cantaloupe)

March 26, 2023: Music Then and Now

JP Jofre Tangodromo; Taranguino (Aspire (Musica Solis))
Robert Fleisher Five Pieces for Flute and Percussion, 2016 (Neuma)

March 19, 2023: Spring Songs

JP Jofre Primavera (Aspire (Musica Solis))
Belle Chen Years of Pilgrimage (Eito)
Danielle Eva Schwob The Long Way Down (Innova)

March 12, 2023: American Stories

Ben Shirley High Sierra Sonata (Cedille)
Valerie Coleman Shotgun Houses (Cedille)
Anthony R. Green Be Still, My Child

March 5, 2023: Concerted Efforts

John Williams Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra, 1996 (THCD)
Amy Nam ... of breath & fire, 2021
Kari Telstad Sundet Dreams of Glass and Water
Louis Angelini Rags

February 26, 2023: The Life and Times of Malcolm X Act III

Anthony Davis The Life and Times of Malcolm X, Act III part 2 and Overture (BMOP)

February 19, 2023: The Life and Times of Malcolm X Act II

Anthony Davis The Life and Times of Malcolm X, Act II and Act III part 1 (BMOP)

February 12, 2023: The Life and Times of Malcolm X Act I

Anthony Davis The Life and Times of Malcolm X, Act I (BMOP)

February 5, 2023: Emblems and Identity

Richard Danielpour Four Angels (Cedille)
James Lee III Quintet (Cedille)
Danielle Eva Schwob Reflections on Francis Bacon, Reflections on Lucian Freud (Innova)

January 29, 2023: Sweet (Colorful) Dreams

JP Jofre Sweet Dreams (Aspire (Musica Solis))
Eric Robertson The Rings (Wolftone)
Robert Fleisher Loretto and Altro Alfresco, 2010 (Neuma)
Sean McLoughlin Pointillism, 2022 (SNM performance)

January 22, 2023: Seeing Double

JP Jofre Double Concerto for Clarinet, Bandoneon, and Orchestra (Aspire)
Jared Isaac Aragon, from Little Suite for Big Bassoon, 2012 (Crystal)
Joel Bjorling Suite in A minor, 2007, Classical Funk (Crystal)
Ann Marie Kurrasch Chicago Cakewalk, 2018 (Crystal)
David Maki Ilta (Evening), 2008; Inertia, 2006 (Neuma)
Robert Honstein Chorale from An Economy of Means, 2016 (Neuma)

January 15, 2023: This We Have Now

Jennifer Bellor This We Have Now, 2021; Oneira (Aerocade)
Alexandros Darna Minnaloushe, 2020 (SNM performance)
Marilyn Ploger Elegy (Neuma)
Gonzalo Garrido-Lecca Matacuy, 2020 (Neuma)
Jim Territo When the Heart Breaks Through, 2019 (Neuma)
JP Jofre Como el Agua (Aspire (Musica Solis))

January 8, 2023: Dancing Hands

Jennifer Bellor Of Maker and Movement, 2021 (Aerocade)
Hwaen Ch'uqi Suite in the Baroque Manner for 2 Pianos, 4 Hands (tape of live performance)
Jennifer Jolley Lilac Tears, 2022 (Neuma)
Armando Bayolo Otoño (Autumn), 2021 (Neuma)

January 1, 2023: Trade Winds or Ring in the New

Quartetto Gelato The Pipes (Factor)
Stephen Andrew Taylor Oxygen, 2017 (Furious Artisans)
Danielle Eva Schwob Reflections on Francis Bacon, Reflections on Lucian Freud, The Long Way Down (Innova)
Zhou Tian Trade Winds, 2019

December 25, 2022: Brightness Aloft

Zhou Tian GIFT, 2019
Brian Field A Christmas Carol; O Magnum Mysterium (RMN)
Max Lifchitz Brightness Aloft, 2015 (N/S)
Jeffrey Jacob Carol of the Bells (VMM)
Adolphus Hailstork Toccata on Veni Emmanuel, 1996 (Loft)
William Duckworth "Hebrew Children" from Southern Harmony, 1981 (Braverecords)

December 18, 2022: Time Stamps

Jeffrey Jacob Piano Concerto No. 2 (VMM)
James Lentini Peace I leave with you (excerpts) (Navona)
Zhou Tian Sinfonia, 2022
Adolphus Hailstork Toccata on Veni Emmanuel, 1996 (Loft)

December 11, 2022: Underground Music

Ros Bandt Water Dreaming; Corinthian Song; From Belgrat; 52 Steps to the Future of Water (Neuma)
Danielle Eva Schwob Out of the Tunnel; Breathing Underwater (Innova)

December 4, 2022: Dreamscapes

John Carbon Clarinet Concerto, 1994 (Zimbel)
Anthony Plog Nocturne (TSN)
James Lentini Trust in the Lord (Navona)
Ros Bandt Medusa Dreaming; Basilica Dreaming (Neuma)

November 27, 2022: Odysseys

Danielle Eva Schwob Traveling North (Innova)
Anthony Plog Animal Ditties (TSN)
John Carbon Rhapsody for Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra, 1997 (Zimbel)
Gabriela Lena Frank Cantos de Cifar el Mar Dulce (DASP)

November 20, 2022: Musical Postcards

Paul Salerni Roman Elegy VIII and Alley Cat Love Song (Bridge)
Gabriela Lena Frank Las Cinco Lunas de Lorca (DASP)
Zhou Tian Concerto for Orchestra, 2016

November 13, 2022: Meditations and Court Dances

David Maslanka Tone Studies No. 5: Wie bist du, Seele (Cedille)
Gabriela Lena Frank Cuatro Canciones Andinas (DASP)
Paul Salerni Apartment (Bridge)
Amanda Harberg Court Dances, 2022 (Cedille)
Derick Evans On Lotusland, 2015 (Furious Artisans)
Evan Premo Two Meditations on Poems of Mary Oliver, 2017 (Furious Artisans)

November 6, 2022: Come As You Are

Eleanor Joanne Daley In Remembrance (Sing On)
Daniel Elder Ballade to the Moon, 2011 (Sing On)
Steven Banks Come as you are (Cedille)
Anthony Plog Thoughts, 2011 (TSN)
David Dickau If Music be the food of love, sing on (Sing On)
John Carbon Tunes from a Tree House, 2015 (Zimbel)

October 30, 2022: Acts of Faith

Judith Shatin Chai Variations on Eliahu Ha'Navi
Michael Torke TIME: Span 5 (Ecstatic)
Jeremy Beck Music when soft voices die (Innova)
Timothy Takach Neither Angels, Nor Demons, Nor Powers (Sing On)
Jake Runestad Come to the Woods, 2015 (Sing On)

October 23, 2022: Random Access or About Time

Ernst Bacon The Red Rose, 1949 (SNM)
Jeremy Beck Adagio and Allegro (Innova)
John Mayrose Random Access, 2015 (Innova)
Jeff Herriott As brightness is smeared into memory, 2018 (Innova)
Michael Torke TIME: Span 3, Span 4 (Ecstatic)
Abel Korzeniowski Chmury (Clouds) (Analekta)

October 16, 2022: Meditations on Cosmology

Derek Bermel Ritornello, 2011 (Naxos)
Jeremy Beck Three Pieces for Orchestra (Innova)
Derek Bermel A Short History of the Universe, 2013 (Naxos)
Nathan Edwards Saudade Study, 2017 (Innova)

October 9, 2022: Intonations and Variations

Ellen Reid Lumee's Dream
Derek Bermel Violin Etudes (2009–16) (Naxos)
Derek Bermel Intonations, 2016 (Naxos)
Jeremy Beck Dream and Echoes – Echoes of a Young Poet's Dream (Innova)

October 2, 2022: Zest for Life

Mani Mirzaee Wight of Shadows (Miller-Porfiris Duo)
Jeremy Beck Concertino for Two Cellos and String Orchestra 2006, revised 2019 (Innova)
Michael Torke TIME, Span 1 & 2, 2022 (Ecstatic)
Johann Johannsson The Theory of Everything Suite (Analekta)
Quartetto Gelato Klezmer Explosion (Factor)
Gregg Welcher Short Fantasy, 2022 (SNM)

September 25, 2022: The Call

Ben Moore The Lake Isle of Innisfree, 2001 (SNM)
Lukas Foss Three American Pieces, 1944 1. Early Song (SNM)
Olafur Arnalds Happiness Does Not Wait (Analekta)
Abel Korzeniowski Chmury (Clouds) (Analekta)
John Corigliano Symphony No. 2 (BMOP)

September 18, 2022: Other Voices

John Corigliano To Music, 1994; Troubadours, 1993 (BMOP)
Ernst Bacon The Red Rose, 1949 (SNM)
Rob Paterson String Quartet No. 3, 2020 (AMR)

September 11, 2022: Music Inspired by ...

Brian Field Nine, Four by Four; Remember (RMN)
Emmanuel Sikora Morning Song, 2022 (SNM)
Gregg Welcher Impetuous, 2022 (SNM)
Gregg Welcher Short Fantasy, 2022 (SNM)
Rob Paterson String Quartet No. 2, 2019 (AMR)

September 4, 2022: Finding a Voice

Stephen Rush September Fanfares, rev. 2018 (Innova)
Roberto Bañuelas Tres Canciones Espanolas (MSR)
Viet Cuong Naica, 2011 (Neuma)
Rob Paterson String Quartet No. 1, "Love Boat," 1997/2000 (AMR)
Sam Evans Sunset Stroll, 2022 (SNM)
Hannah Dale Scarborough Strawberry Moon, 2022 (SNM)
Jaclyn Breeze Serenity & Strife, 2022 (SNM)

August 28, 2022: Transformations

John Aylward Ephemera, 2014; Ananke, 2019 (New Focus)
Frederic Hand A Waltz for Maurice (Ravel); There is a Splendor (ReEntrant)
Alexandra Gardner Tourmaline, 2004 (Neuma)
Emmanuel Sikora Albumleaf, 2022 (SNM)
Matthew Slazik Splintertude, 2022 (SNM)
Christian Schmidt Hope is the thing with feathers, 2022 (SNM)

August 21, 2022: Sanctuary

Stacy Garrop Sanctuary (Without, Within) (Cedille)
Lewis Jordan & Music at Large Axiology/Demonstration, Critical Mass (Innova)
Pawel Lukaszewski Triptych for Organ (Swan)
Frederic Hand The Poet’s Eye (ReEntrant)

August 14, 2022: Loved by the Sun

Douglas Knehans Cloud Ossuary, 2019 (Ablaze)

August 7, 2022: Letters for the Future

Jennifer Higdon Concerto 4-3, 2008 (DG)
Vache Sharafyan Petrified Dance (Cedille)
Peter Boyer Mount Ararat (Cedille)
Shulamit Ran Soliloquy (Cedille)

July 31, 2022: Time for Three

Kevin Puts Contact, 2020 (DG)
Mischa Zupko Fanfare 80+ (Cedille)
Shawn E. Okpebholo City beautiful (Aqua, Prairie, Burnham) (Cedille)
Serouj Kradjian Sari Siroun Yar (Traditional) (Cedille)

July 24, 2022: American Romantics

Douglas Knehans Mist Waves, 2021 (Ablaze)
Joanne Metcalf The Sea's Wash in the Hollow of the Heart, 2020 (Variant 6) (Open G)
Ernst Bacon Trio No. 2 for Violin, Cello and Piano, 1987 (Cedille)

July 17, 2022: Reflections

Gabriel Jackson Zero Point Reflection, 2014 (Open G)
Benjamin Boyle Supplice, 2019 (Open G)
Kevin Gunia Second String Quartet, 2022 (Ivalas Quartet)
Stephen Paulus Banchetto Musicale: A Suite for Cello and Piano (1980) (Innova)

July 10, 2022: Perspectives

Evan Williams Heavy (Fivebyfive)
Evan Williams Consummatum Est
Jlin Perspective (Cedille)

July 3, 2022: Declarations

Margaret Brouwer Declaration, 2005 (Naxos)
Danny Elfman Percussion Quartet, 2019 (Cedille)
Jeremy Gill Six Pensées de Pascal, 2017 (Open G)

June 26, 2022: Visions and Gifts

Jerod Imichchaachaaha’ Tate Iholba' (Azica)
Stefania de Kennessey Unorthodox, 2020 (Neuma)
Gail Kubik Divertimento No. 2, 1958 (BMOP)
Ryan Chase Pastiche, 2015 (SNM)

June 19, 2022: Music Now!

Christopher Cresswell The Ruby Sunrise, 2021 (SNM)
Stefania de Kennesey Mossy, 2019 (Neuma)
Margaret Brouwer Rhapsodic Sonata, 2016 (Naxos)
Tapes of live performances Cazenovia High School cellist Nathan Schierer and Chittenango High School percussionist Jonah Sauve

June 12, 2022: Music Then and Now

Jerod Imichchaachaaha’ Tate Tracing Mississippi, 2008 (Azica)
Gail Kubik Divertimento No. 1, 1959 (BMOP)
Stefania de Kenessey In her words: Alone (Kyleigh), 2021 (Neuma)

June 5, 2022: Road Trips

Bela Kovács After You, Mr. Gershwin! (Urtext)
Rezso Kókai Four Hungarian Dances (Urtext)
Andy Tierstein Azazme Songs, Suite for string quartet, oud, and dulcimer (Navona)

May 29, 2022: Archimedes and the Folly of War

James Dashow Archimedes, a Planetarium opera, Act II (Neuma)
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