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January 23: Arduous Journeys

Shawn E. Okpebholo Two Black Churches (Cedille)
Richard Auldon Clark The People Speak, 2008, rev. 2021, for baritone and string quartet (Keuka Classical)
Derek Bermel Nine Revolutions, 2019 (SNM)
Mark Olivieri Here This Day: Scene 1: Prologue and Invocation (SNM)

January 30: ... and the rain still mounts its guard

John Harbison Symphony No. 6, 2011 (BMOP)
Mark Olivieri Here This Day: Scene 2, Do Lord; Scene 3: A Place with My Name (SNM)
Katie Hannigan Monologue, 2020 (SNM)

past broadcasts

January 16, 2022: Buddha Goes to Bayreuth

Robert Moran Buddha Goes to Bayreuth (Neuma)
Reza Vali Ashoob, Calligraphy No. 14, 2015 (SNM)
Rob Paterson Shine: Bright Blue Steel, 2015 (Summit)

January 9, 2022: Premieres

Daniel Pesca Hyde Park Boulevard, 2020 (Neuma)
Edward Smaldone Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra, 1993 (CRI)
Michael Torke First Lamentation: On the Ground; Second Lamentation: Mother’s Arms; Fourth Psalm: Enter His Gates (Ecstatic)

January 2, 2022: I Dream a World

Marty Regan Send off at Yellow CraneTower, 2014 (MSR)
Marty Regan Still, 2016 (MSR)
Damien Sneed I Dream a World (Cedille)
John Rommereim Amara, Breath of Grace, for choir and improvising saxophone (Navona)
Russell Paterson Concerto for flute, alto sax, and symphonic band, 2018 (Navona)
Devonté Hynes There was nothing, for percussion and electronics (Cedille)

December 26, 2021: Serenades for Life and Love

Marty Regan Lost Mountains, Quiet Valleys, 2015 (MSR)
Frank Ferko Mass for Dedication, 2002 (Cedille)
Einojuhani Rautavaara Two Serenades pour mon amour & pour la vie, 2019 (DG)
Michael Torke Psalm 1 & 2: Wine that makes & They that Sow (Ecstatic)

December 19, 2021: Ancient Keys and Celestial Navigation

Richard Carr Celestial Navigation (Neuma)
Victoria Bond Ancient Keys, 2002 (Albany)
Devonté Hynes For All its Fury: Curl, Hush, Gather, Tremble, Cradle, Press, Fields (Cedille)

December 12, 2021: Sketches and Miniatures

Richard Carr Processional and Narrow Traverse, 2020 (Neuma)
Aaron Travers Olcott Park, 2020 (Neuma)
Richard Auldon Clark Four Sketches, 2011 (Keuka Classical)
Richard Auldon Clark Six Miniatures, 2010 (Keuka Classical)
Richard Carr Wally Goes to Bali & Westside Docks , 2020 (Neuma)
Devonté Hynes For All Its Fury: Reach, Blur, Coil, Wane, 2018 (Cedille)

December 5, 2021: Ancient Gods and Recitations

Samy Moussa Violin Concerto, Adrano, 2019 (Analeckta)
David Maslanka Recitation Book, 2006 (Bridge)
Richard Auldon Clark For the Ones we Have Lost, 2008 (Keuka Classical)

November 28, 2021: Inspired By ...

Frank Ferko Leoni (Chorale Variations) and St. Anne (Toccata & Fugue) (Cedille)
Alistair Coleman Acquainted with the Night (Métier)
David Maslanka Concerto No. 3 for Piano and Wind Ensemble, 2016 (MSR)
Marty Regan Withering Chrysanthemum, 2016 (MSR)

November 21, 2021: Written on the Leaves

Frank Ferko Variations on "Veni Creator Spiritus" (Cedille)
David Biedenbender What is Written on the Leaves (MSR)
Marty Regan You left me, sweet, two legacies, 2015 (MSR)

November 14, 2021: Playful Music

Frank Ferko Tired Old Nun, 1996 (Cedille)
Frank Ferko Variations on a Hungarian Folk Tune, 1994 (Cedille)
Stacy Garrop Quicksilver, 2017 (MSR)
Richard Auldon Clark Divertimento, 2015 (Métier)

November 7, 2021: Musical Tributes

Laura Karpman Brass Ceiling: The Journey of General Ann Dunwoody (Navona)
Jeff Beal The Long Road Home: Suite from the Mini-Series (Navona)
Flores Chaviano NiFe (Neuma)
Eduardo Morales-Caso Evolving Spheres (Neuma)
Philip Blackburn Out Beyond, 2017 (Neuma)
Frank Ferko St. Elizabeth (Crusader's Hymn) (Cedille)

October 31, 2021: Memoria

Peter Allen Eulogy, 2018 (Composer)
Peter Allen Smooth Stones (Composer)
Hannah Lash Leander and Hero, 2015 (New Focus)

October 24, 2021: Star Charts and Unknown Persons

Pamela Z Typewriter, 1995 (Neuma)
Marc Mellits Parking Violation: 42nd St. & Greenpoint Ave. (Composer)
Ofer Pelz Marchons, Marchons, 2016 (New Focus)
Pamela Z Quatre Couches/Flare Stain, 2020 (Neuma)
Robert Moran Star Charts and Travel Plans I, 2017 (Neuma)
Marc Mellits Hunger, 2019 (Composer)
Pamela Z Unknown Person (from Baggage Allowance), 2010 (Neuma)
Peter Allen Witches Ball (Composer)

October 17, 2021: Sound Colors

Gene Koshinski soniChroma: 1. Arylide Spark, II. Cerulean Dusk, III. Electric Amaranth (Innova)
Ivan Moody The Troparion of Kassiani: A Lion's Sleep (ECM)
Andrew Smith Ave Maria and Regina Caeli (ECM)
Kevin Gunia Symphonic Movement, 2013 (Composer)
Kevin Gunia In Memoriam, 2014 (Composer)

October 10, 2021: Litanies of Being

Ivette Herryman Rodriguez Memorial (Neuma)
Odaline de la Martinez Litanies (Neuma)
Michael Torke Being, 2019, Parts 1–5 (Ecstatic)

October 3, 2021: Reimagining Past Forms

Svitlana Ostrova Chacona for organ (Swan Studios)
Laura Kaminsky Piano Quintet, 2019 (Cedille)
Robert Moran Frammenti di un’opera barocca perduta: Introduction: Aria II, Aria III, Finale (Neuma)
Michael Torke Being, 2019 (Ecstatic)

September 26, 2021: Changing Seasons II

Rob Paterson Autumn Songs (AMR)
Esa-Pekka Salonin Memoria, 2003 (New Focus)
Mons Takle Leidvin Power of Life (Michael Guarnieri, organ) (SNM Rising Stars)
Ben Moore I am in need of music, 2001 (Gerard McCrohan, tenor) (SNM Rising Stars)

September 19, 2021: Changing Seasons

Rob Paterson Summer Songs (AMR)
Neil Rolnick Mirages, 2017: In the Desert, On the Water, On the Highway (Troy)
Kevin J. Swenson Reflection No. 2, 2021 (Alex Wu, piano) (SNM Rising Stars)
William Bolcom Knight Hubert, 1971 (Alex Wu, piano) (SNM Rising Stars)

September 12, 2021: Music Inspired By...

Peter Allen Music for Cello and Passing Traffic, 2020 (Composer)
David Fulmer Sky's Acetylene (New Focus)
Neil Rolnick Deal with the Devil, 2017 (Troy)

September 5, 2021: World Premieres

Jose Serebrier Candombe, 2019 (Reference)
Emmanuel Sikora Improvisation on E major, 2021 (Dominic Fiacco, organ) (SNM Rising Stars)
Kevin J. Swenson Tears, 2021 (Dora Ammerman, soprano) (SNM Rising Stars)
Clara Edwards Into the Night (Dora Ammerman, soprano) (SNM Rising Stars)
Hyunjung Byun I belong to my beloved, 2021 (Gerard McCrohan, tenor) (SNM Rising Stars)
Ernst Bacon It's all I have to bring today (Gerard McCrohan, tenor) (SNM Rising Stars)
Jose Serebrier Colores Magicos (Reference)
Emily Graham Will-o'-wisp, 2021 for solo flute (Kate O'Leary, flute) (SNM Rising Stars)
William Grant Still Gamin (Kate O'Leary, flute) (SNM Rising Stars)
Emmanuel Sikora Veni Creator, 2021; Fugue, 2021 (Michael Guarneiri, organ) (SNM Rising Stars)
Jose Serebrier Samson and Buddah, 2014 (Reference)

August 29, 2021: Naga, Act II

Scott Wheeler NAGA (end of Act I and Act II) (BMOP)
Bohdan Kotyuk Benefictus: Song of Zechariah (Swan Studios)

August 22, 2021: Naga, Act I

Scott Wheeler NAGA (Act I of opera in 2 acts) (BMOP)

August 15, 2021: Virtuoso Chamber Music with Wit

John Adams Son of Chamber Symphony, 2007 (BMOP)
Kevin Gunia Your Oasis in Space, 2021 (Composer)
Peter Allen Wait, 2021 (Composer)
Jose Serebrier Symphony for Percussion (Reference)
Jose Serebrier Tango in Blue (Reference)

August 8, 2021: Sound Colors

Gene Koshinski soniChroma, for percussion duo with orchestra (Innova)
Ivan Moody The Troparion of Kassiani: A Lion's Sleep (ECM)
Andrew Smith Ave Maria and Regina Caeli (ECM)
Kevin Gunia Symphonic Movement, 2013 (Composer)
Kevin Gunia In Memoriam, 2014 (Composer)

August 1, 2021: 4-Unsquared

Joseph Schwantner Dream Drapery "Thoreau Songs" (Music & Arts)
Kevin Gunia Shore Thoughts: Boardwalk, Lighthouse, 2016, for two piano, four hands (Composer)
Kevin Gunia Semi-Simple Rondo, 2020, for one piano, four hands (Composer)
Emmanuel Séjourné Khamsin (Innova)

July 25, 2021: Playful Music

Steven Mackey Playful Turbulence and Alleluia (from Time Release, 2005) (BMOP)
Spencer Topel Details on the Strasbourg Rosace, 2014 (Innova)
Cindy Cox Wave: I. quietly urgent, 2009 (Innova)
Gene Koshinski Impressions of Chinese Opera (2 movements) (Innova)
Adam Silverman Paper Covers Rock (Innova)

July 18, 2021: Urban Ocean

Ola Gjeilo Selections from Night, 2019 (Decca)
Kate Amrine Waiting? (Innova)
Steven Mackey Urban Ocean, 2013 (BMOP)
Steven Mackey Turn the Key, 2006 (BMOP)
Jeremy Gill Paean, Epitaph, & Dithyramb, 2008 (Innova)

July 11, 2021: Ruminations

Ola Gjeilo Selections from Night, 2019 (Decca)
Gemma Peacocke Skin (Innova)
Kevin Joest Thoughts and Prayers (Innova)
Jacob TV Close Fight (Innova)
Kate Amrine We Are Women (Innova)

July 4, 2021: Strut

Dan Locklair Independence Day, from Symphony No. 3, "America", 2016 (Naxos)
John Robertson Strut, 1993 (Navona)
Steve Reich Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices, and Organ (SNM performance)
Marc Mellits Gravity, 2013 (SNM performance)
Jennifer Higdon Smash, 2006 (Innova)

June 27, 2021: American Music

Olivia Kieffer Play the Robot, 2019 (SNM performance)
Fred Lerdahl Arches, 2011 (Bridge)
Ola Gjeilo Selections from Night, 2019 (Decca)

June 20, 2021: Quotations and Evocations

Fred Lerdahl There and Back Again (Bridge)
Chinary Ung Spiral I, 1987 (Bridge)
Paul Elwood Plutonic Winds, 2015 (Innova)
Sheila Silver On Loving: I. O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright; II. Mindful of you (Performer)
John Kander A Letter from Sullivan Ballou, 1999 (Performer)
Ola Gjeilo Selections from Night, 2019 (Decca)

June 13, 2021: A Praise Song to Mother Earth

Benjamin Barson A Praise Song to Mother Earth (Innova)

June 6, 2021: Folk Roots

Jose Antonio Rodriguez Athena Rondeña, 2016; Nana para un niño grande (Moonmusic)
Narong Prangcharoen Bencharong, 2002 (Innova)
Stacy Garrop Silver Dagger, 2010 (Innova)
Chinary Ung Singing Inside Aura, 2013 (Bridge)
Philip Glass Madeira River (SNM performance)

May 30, 2021: Fives All Around

Poul Ruders Kafkapriccio, 2008 (Bridge)
Judith Lang Zaimont Sonata Rhapsody, 2010 (MSR)

May 23, 2021: Homages II

Dan Locklair Memorial Day, 2016 (Symphony No. 2, "America") (Naxos)
Christopher Stark Piano Quartet, 2014 (Bridge)
Reza Vali Three Romantic Songs, 2011; Ashoob (Calligraphy No. 14), 2014 (MSR)
Judith Lang Zaimont A Strange Magic, 2016 (MSR)

May 16, 2021: Recycled Modes

Reza Vali Ormavi (String Quartet #4), 2017 (MSR)
Poul Ruders Piano Concerto No. 3, "Paganini Variations," 2014 (Bridge)
Jose Antonia Rodriguez Cabo de la Vela – Colombiana, 2016 (Moonmusic)

May 9, 2021: Women's Work

Jennifer Bellor Skylark Lullaby, 2014 (Innova)
Aida Petrovna Isakova Sonata, 1986 (MSR)
Shulamit Ran Birds of Paradise, 2014 (Innova)
Judith Lang Zaimont Sestina, 1998 (from "Tanya" Poems) (MSR)

May 2, 2021: "Folk" Connections

Caroline Shaw Gustave Le Gray, 2012 (MSR)
Alexander Ivanovich Baryshev Sonatina in the Russian Style, 1970 (MSR)
John Clayton Bach to Blues (MSR)
Asha Srinivasan Braiding: Lessons from Braiding Sweetgrass, 2017 (MSR)
Reza Vali Love Drunk (Folk Songs, Set. No. 16B), 2014 (MSR)

April 25, 2021: CNY Connections, or Quartets of Another Stripe

Syd Hodkinson String Quartet No. 7, 2014 (Composer)
Jen Bellor Reflections at Dusk, 2019 (Innova)
Marc Mellits String Quartet No. 2, “Revolution”, 2004 (Music & Arts)
Emmanuel Sikora Piano Concerto in e minor, 2020 (Composer)

April 18, 2021: Shadow and Light

Roger Davidson Missa Universalis VI, "The Names of God," 2003 (Soundbrush)
Roger Davidson Ayejael ne Yesu, Ayejael Cherokii, Ayejael Sufii, 1982 (Soundbrush)
Judith Lang Zaimont String Quartet, "The Figure," 2008 (In shadow, In Bright Light) (MSR)
Mathieu Vanasse Cap Myazaki (Cape Myazaki); Perles Cadence (Pearly Cadence) (Innova)

April 11, 2021: Soundscapes

Jennifer Bellor Amethyst Sunset, 2019; Indigo Nocturne, 2019 (Innova)
Lei Liang A Thousand Mountains, A Million Streams, 2017 (BMOP)
Mathieu Vanasse Aller (Departure) (Innova)

April 4, 2021: The Passion of Yeshua, Part II

Richard Danielpour The Passion of Yeshua, Part II (Naxos)

March 28, 2021: The Passion of Yeshua, Part I

Richard Danielpour The Passion of Yeshua, Part I (Naxos)

March 21, 2021: Concerted Efforts

David Dzubay Chamber Concerto for Trumpet, Violin, and Ensemble, 2016 (Innova)
Gabriel Senanes Contratango, 2016 (Soundbrush)
Gerardo Matos Rodriguez (arr. R. Jaurena) La Cumparsita (Soundbrush)
Peter Van Zandt Lane /chatter/ (Innova)
Mathieu Vanasse Ether (Ether) (Innova)

March 14, 2021: Charting Course

Christopher Stark Seasonal Music, 2016-18 (Bridge)
Peter Van Zandt Lane Piano Quartet: The Longitude Problem (Innova)
Roger Davidson Amen (Soundbrush)

March 7, 2021: A Story and Not a Story

David Dzubay Kukulkan II; Double Black Diamond, 2005/2007 (Innova)
Christopher Stark This is Not a Story, 2017 (Bridge)
Augusta Read Thomas Plea for Peace, 2017 (Innova)

February 28, 2021: From Dreams ...

Christopher Cresswell From Dreams we Emerge, 2017 (Parma)
Jeremy Gill Notturno Concertante, 2014 (BMOP)
Carson Cooman Quartet for piano and strings (A Sea Liturgy), 2009 (MSR)

February 21, 2021: Contrasts

Chiayu Su Black & White, 2015 (Innova)
Eric Stokes The Lyrical Pickpocket (Innova)
Carson Cooman Viola Quintet (Unquiet Parables), 2009 (MSR)
David Rakowski Luccicare, 2010 (MSR)

February 14, 2021: Love Letters

David DiChiera Letter to Sarah, 2015 (Innova)
David DiChiera Ballade, 2008 (Innova)
David DiChiera Letter to Roxane, 2017 (Innova)
Paul Chihara Bagatelles, 2010 (Bridge)
Eric Stokes Onion, Car (Song Circle), 1993 (Innova)
John Kennedy Even the Stones Breathe, 2011 (MSR)

February 7, 2021: The Threes Have It

Paul Chihara String Trio (Bridge)
Christopher Cresswell The Lost Art of Losing Sleep, 2017 (Parma)
Jeremy Gill Before the Wresting Tides, 2012 (BMPO)

January 31, 2021: Cross-Cultural Cadences II

Wynton Marsalis Violin Concerto in D (Decca)
William Beauvais Eagle Lake Sketches (excerpts) (Performer)

January 24, 2021: Cross-Cultural Cadences

Münir Beken Memories of a Shoehorn (N/S)
Patricio da Silva Violin and Harp Music, 2015 (MSR)
Kirsten Soriano Broberg Flutter, 2017 (MSR)
Paul Reale Eleven Miniatures for Woodwind Quintet (MSR)
Bryan Johnson Preludes 3 and 4 for guitar (Performer)
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